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Dunstable Grammar School

Dunstable School
The Francis Ashton School
High Street North, Dunstable, Beds




A collection of memorabilia


Hi Dave.  I've attached a jpeg of a 1905 postcard of the old place

it looks a ruin even then! Hope it's of use.  Best wishes,  Den




Dunstable School 


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Dunstable - Preserving the Past for the Future


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Perhaps the last chance for you to visit the School

(as a school)



Ashton Middle School has invited us to an open evening:


3.30pm and 6pm on Thursday 23rd June.


All three floors of the main block and the grounds will be open for us to wander around as we wish. It will not be possible to open other blocks.

Tea, coffee, cheese and biscuits will be provided. We hope to see you then.


Please feel free to publicise this as widely as possible.


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